Specifications :

  • Safe and reliable : X-Ray leakage is less than 1μ Sv/hour, complying with FDA and CE standard. Radiation less than 1 Gy, very safe for food. Designed complete shielded structure, prevent leakage accident.
  • Intuitive operation interface:17 inches full colour touch screen, easy to use. Auto-analysis on inspected product, simple to set up inspecting parameter. Auto-save inspection photos, easy to track and control.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance: Detachable structure makes cleaning easy. Water proof washdown construction, IP66 for detecting tunnel, IP54 for rest of the body.
  • Strong adaptability to the environment German air-conditioner ensure the machine can work in low and high temperature in food industry. Sealing system to avoid water and dust. High-performance de humidifier can work in 90% humid environment.
  • High configuration and stability : Main components are first class brand to ensure the stability and working lifetime.